Forensic Services

The Forensic Services Division is responsible for providing on-scene and laboratory investigations through the application of forensic science. The members of the Forensic Services Division work in conjunction with patrol officers, detectives, arson investigators, and outside agencies to provide forensic services to all individuals in the most effective, efficient, and courteous manner possible to aid in the investigation of criminal activity and to support the provision of law enforcement services. In coordination with the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office, these services are provided to all individuals within Forsyth County.


Overseen by the Forensic Services Division Supervisor, the Division consists of:

Crime Scene Response Squads

The four Crime Scene Response Squads that are comprised of a Forensic Services Squad Supervisor, Forensic Services Technicians, and a Police Processing Technician. In the provision of 24/7 services, there are two day-shift and two midnight shift squads. They are the primary forensic response group for all calls for service in which photography, evidence collection, latent print processing, and documentation are required.

Major Crime Response Team (MCRT)

The Major Crime Response Team (MCRT) is comprised of an on-call Forensic Services Squad Supervisor and specialized technicians. They are the primary response group for all major crime scenes and investigations or incidents requiring advanced forensic techniques. The MCRT is also responsible for the Crime Lab and Photo Lab operation. They are the primary provider of forensic educational assistance through demonstrations, job shadows, interviews and presentations.

Latent Print Examiners Office (LPEO)

The Latent Print Examiners Office (LPEO) is comprised of Latent Print Examiners who specialize in the identification and comparison of latent prints. These examiners utilize extensive training and visual comparison to identify individuals related to investigations. The LPEO operates both the North Carolina State Automated Fingerprint Identification System (SAFIS) and a local based Automated Fingerprint Identification System/Automated Palm Identification System (SPEX) to match fingerprints from crime scenes to suspects.

Police Processing Unit (PPU)

The Police Processing Unit (PPU) is located within the Forsyth County Law Enforcement Detention Center and operated by the Forensic Services Division. Technicians assigned to the PPU fingerprint, photograph, and collect DNA from persons arrested for criminal offenses by all agencies having jurisdiction within Forsyth County. They are also the primary individuals conducting breath tests for persons charged with Driving While Impaired (DWI).

Primary Services Provided

  • Alternate Light Source Examination
  • Arrestee Photographing, Fingerprinting, and DNA Collection at the FCLEDC
  • Automated Fingerprint and Palm Identification (SAFIS and SPEX)
  • Blood Evidence Detection
  • Blood Spatter Interpretation
  • Chemical Blood and Breath Testing (DWI Offenses)
  • Citizen Fingerprinting Services (will resume effective date 07/01/2021 by appointment only, visit this link for details)
  • Computerized Photographic Line-ups
  • Computerized Sketching
  • Courtroom Exhibits
  • Crime Scene Search and Investigation
  • Educational Assistance Presentations and Shadows
  • Evidence Collection and Processing (Latent Print, Trace, and DNA)
  • Evidence Processing Research
  • Expert Courtroom Testimony
  • Expunction Order Completion
  • Fabric Mark Documentation
  • Forensic Photography and Printing Services
  • Forensic Presentations
  • In-Person (Live) Line-up
  • Latent Fingerprint Comparison and Identification
  • LiveScan Fingerprint Technology
  • Presumptive Blood and Semen Testing
  • Tire and Shoe Impression Documentation
  • Trace Evidence Collection
  • Traffic Collision Investigation (fatal and life-threatening incidents only)
  • WIN Lab