Micah's Mission Trip

This past July, Micah Dishman (survey party chief) went on a mission trip to Peru. Micah and his wife Meredith flew into Pucallpa, Peru where they boarded a 30 foot aluminum speed boat and went on a four and half hour trip up the Amazon River. They were excited about being in a new and wild part of the world. Micah said, We encountered beautiful scenery along the way; but at the end of the boat ride, on hard aluminum benches, some of the excitement had been subdued.

Goal of the Trip

The goal of the mission trip was to reach six villages and to show a film called The God Story in Spanish. They used a projector, white sheet and generator to power the projector and show the film. In each village they also had children ministries with songs, activities, bible verses, and dramas. All of the villagers were also taught general hygiene and sanitation. Micah said that this is something we take for granted in the United States, but in that part of the world it’s often unheard of and rarely practiced.

After the sanitation program, they gave out reading glasses to those who needed them. They also gave each village a Hayes Chlorine Generator, which consisted of a 12 volt battery and solar panel for recharging. The generator is placed in a 5 gallon bucket of river water and a pound of salt is added and it creates a chlorine, ozone and hydrogen peroxide solution that purifies their drinking water and makes it safe to drink. Much of their sickness comes from their water supply (Amazon River), which contains an ameba that causes diarrhea and other sickness.


Micah and his wife had a good time on the trip and they look forward to hearing good reports from Peru. The conditions on the trip were challenging at times, but were well worth the effort.

Photos of the Trip

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