Shelter Rules

Picnic Shelter Rental Rules and Regulations

1. All reservations must be paid at least 2 weeks before rental date or reservation will be cancelled. If payment will be not be received 2 weeks before rental date, customer must call and get approval from the Recreation and Parks Department to pay on a later date.

  • The Recreation and Parks Department will attempt to contact renter by phone and/or email prior to cancelling reservation.

2. No refunds will be issued if reservation is cancelled within 30 days of reservation date.

  • If the reservation is cancelled 2-4 weeks prior to rental date, customer will receive a free/comparable reservation voucher that must be used within one year.
  • Any reservation cancelled within 2 weeks of rental date, for any reason, will not receive a refund or free/comparable reservation voucher.
  • Any refund requests received due to faulty equipment or facilities (power outlets not working, restrooms inaccessible, trash cans full, etc.), will be decided after an investigation of the complaint is conducted and verified. Customer will be notified of refund decision with 3-5 business days.
  • For any issues with the shelter on date of rental, please call CityLink at (336) 773-7700

3. If a reservation is interrupted due to bad weather, a refund will not be issued. Customer will receive a free/comparable reservation voucher that must be used within one year. Rain dates must be requested within 2 business days of original rental date. Bad weather days will be confirmed by the Recreation and Parks Department.

4. No alcoholic beverages of any kind are allowed.

5. No open fires.

6. No motorized vehicles allowed on grassy areas or around shelters. Park only in designated parking areas.

7. All shelter rentals must be completed and the premises vacated by dark (approx. 6:30 a.m. - 10:30 p.m.).

8. Splash pads, playgrounds, and outdoor basketball courts are not available to reserve and must remain available to the public during rental.

9. Examples of acceptable sound devices for use during a rental are: CD players, radios, and boom boxes. Use of sound device must comply with the City Noise Ordinance [Sec. 46-36], which states that sound shall not be amplified or reproduced in such a manner as to create noise at 50 feet from the device.

  • No live bands or performances for profit in parks without prior authorization from the Recreation and Parks Director. Any DJ or loud performances used during rental must be pre-approved two weeks prior to event by Recreation and Parks Director via a sound permit.

10. No selling of merchandise, food, drinks, or paraphernalia in the parks for personal gain.

11. All rentals or reservations will require off duty police to handle crowd control and parking issues for events that have 75-100 people or more in attendance at the expense of the renter. All large events (75-100 people or more) will need to be pre-approved at discretion of the Recreation and Parks Department.

12. Maximum shelter capacity must not be exceeded. Any event that exceeds the capacity of the shelter may be ended by park staff or the Winston-Salem Police Department.

13. The Recreation and Parks Department must receive a copy of liability insurance from any company providing inflatables in the park if not on file with the city.

  • This information must be faxed to (336) 727-2066 or emailed to at least 2 weeks prior to the rental date.
  • If this information is not provided, the Recreation and Parks Department reserves the right to cancel the reservation.

14. Large water toys are not allowed in the park and water hook up is not allowed.

15. All flyers for an event at a shelter must be pre-approved by the Recreation and Parks Department prior to posting.

  • A copy of the flyer must be submitted for approval at least two weeks prior to the event. *May submit through email to
  • If a flyer that has not been previously approved is posted/advertised, the Recreation and Parks Department reserves the right to cancel the reservation.
  • Flyers must be removed and properly disposed of prior to your leaving the park on the day of the rental.

16. All renters must be at least 18 years of age.

17. All areas in and around the shelter must be left free of litter and debris. Tie up used trash bags.

18. Your issued permit must be made available to park ranger/police or recreation staff upon request.

19. If other citizens are occupying the shelter during your rental time, you may ask them to leave the shelter; however, the park and all amenities (courts, fields, restrooms, etc.) must remain available to the public. If a citizen refuses to leave the shelter during your rental time, call CityLink 311 or (336) 727-8000. WSPD will provide an officer to resolve any issues.

20. The person who made the reservation will be held responsible for the usage of the shelter and will be liable for clean-up and charges for any damages or maintenance fees incurred as a result of this activity. Police/Park Rangers have authority to end any rental due to violation of the law or the rules stated on this permit.

21. List how many people you are expecting to attend the event. Please be as accurate as possible as this can determine which forms and requirements are needed to be completed for your reservation.

Shelter Rules and Regulations (PDF)

Contact Numbers

Please review the following contact phone numbers:

  • Medical Emergency Phone: 911
  • Non-Emergency Police Phone: 336-773-7700
  • Unlawful shelter use, power, restroom or trash issues on day of reservation - City Link Phone: 336-727-8000