Call Response Code Classifications

Emergency Calls

Code 1 - Emergency

All calls with a significant threat of imminent injury to persons, and calls that involve crimes against person(s) that are in progress or just occurred and the suspect is still there.

All Code 1 calls will be dispatched immediately.

Code 2 - Urgent

All calls that are urgent but not an imminent danger to life, which present a potential threat to property and in-progress incidents which do not qualify for Code 1 response. Extenuating circumstances may change the classification of these calls.

Code 2 calls can be held up to ten minutes for the purpose of dispatch delay but then must be dispatched to an officer. When possible all calls should be dispatched to officers working the assigned beat.

Non-Emergency Calls

Code 3 - Non-Urgent

All calls which do not present a potential threat to property or the suspect has left the scene.

Code 3 calls will be held for the beat officer and will not be dispatched across beats unless authorized by the sergeant or on-duty commander. The sergeant or on-duty commander will then direct the operator to dispatch the next available unit. Communications will notify the caller of any delay(s) longer than forty-five minutes.

Codes 4, 5, 6, & 9 - Telcom

All calls that do not require a field response by an officer and meet the criteria to be handled by telephone.

Code 4, 6, and 9 calls will be referred to Telcom and handled in accordance with General Order 4.18 (PDF) (Telcom Operations). A Telcom call may be held until the next Telcom unit workday. Code 5 calls are reserved for any complainant that is standing by in the lobby of the Public Safety Center and requests to file a report.

To learn more, visit Telcom Unit page.