J.F. Shaffner

J.F. ShaffnerTerm Served

1878 to 1884

Accomplishments in Office

While Shaffner was Mayor, there was an attempt to consolidate the two towns under the name “City of Salem”. The vote for consolidation failed 3 to 1 in the Winston Wards.

Shaffner served the longest term of any Salem mayor, six consecutive years. In his term, he oversaw the first lawsuit against Salem in a personal injury case in which the city lost, the first health inspector was hired and an agreement was signed to establish a street railway system for the town.

Other Affiliations

Dr. Shaffner also served as a member of the Board of Health, vice-president of the Building and Loan Association, and President of the Salem Water Supply Company.

Personal Life

A member of an old Salem family, Shaffner had been a civil war surgeon.

He ran Salem’s drug store which stocked, in addition to drugs, such items as paint and sundries.

 He also operated his own cotton gin.