Henry E. Fries

Henry E. FriesTerm Served

May 1889 to May 1892

Accomplishments in Office

Based solely upon the record, Henry Fries was undoubtedly the most outstanding Salem public servant and benefactor of his day. He served as Commissioner for one year before being elected Mayor and then was elected Commissioner for 18 consecutive years.

During his years as Mayor, Salem made remarkable progress. The first permanent street paving was laid, and the first street car lines were installed, as were electric street lights. The Board of Health was organized and a sanitary sewage system was begun. He refused to be paid for his work as Mayor. Fries would later serve many years on the Winston-Salem Zoning Board of Adjustment.

Personal Life

His business responsibilities included President of Fries Manufacturing and Power Company, and President of the Winston Salem Southbound Railway Company.