A roundabout is a circular intersection where traffic flows around a center island.

Advantages of roundabouts:

  • Roundabouts are safe.
  • Since vehicles entering the roundabout are required to yield to traffic in the circle, more vehicles can move through the intersection with less delay.
  • Roundabouts are less costly than intersection widening.
  • The unique one-way design of roundabouts accommodates the turning radius of large vehicles, like semi-trucks and buses.
Roundabout Characteristics

Control at Entry
Yield sign for entering vehicles
DeflectionUse deflection to control the low-speed operation through a roundabout.
Operational Characteristics
Vehicles in the roundabout will have a priority over the entering vehicle.
ParkingNo parking is allowed on the circulating roadway.
Pedestrian CrossingNo pedestrian activities take place on the central island.
Splitter Island
Turning MovementAll vehicles circulate around the central island.