How to Use Roundabouts

Bicyclists should enter roundabouts just as they enter a stop sign or signal-controlled intersection without auxiliary lanes. On the approach to the entry, a bicyclist should claim the lane. Right-turning cyclists should keep to the right side of the entry lane; others should be near the center of the lane.

Cyclists have three options upon approaching a roundabout:

  • Travel on the circulatory roadway of the roundabout like motorists. When using a double-lane roundabout as a vehicle, obey all rules of the road for vehicles using roundabouts. However, you may feel safer approaching in the right-hand lane and keeping to the right in the roundabout. If you do keep to the right, take extra care when crossing exits and signal left to show you are not leaving.
  • If you are unsure about using the roundabout, dismount and exit the approach lane before the splitter island on the approach, and move to the sidewalk. Once on the sidewalk, walk your bicycle like a pedestrian.
  • Some roundabouts may have a ramp that leads to a widened sidewalk or a shared bicycle-pedestrian path that runs around the perimeter of the roundabout. If a ramp access is provided prior to the pedestrian crossing, you may choose to ramp up to curb level and traverse the sidewalk or path while acting courteously to pedestrians.