Utilities Field Operations

Water Distribution

Our water distribution system serves the majority of Forsyth County with the exception of the northeastern portion. More than 2,300 miles of water mains are maintained by the Utilities Field Operations division, along with valves, hydrants, and connections.

Wastewater Collection

Our wastewater collection system includes nearly 1,800 miles of sewer mains. Utilities Field Operations maintain the collection system including mains, manholes, sewer connections, and force mains.

Overflow Reduction Efforts

Since the passage of the North Carolina Clean Water Act in 1999, the total volume of annual Sanitary Sewer Overflows (SSOs) has been tracked against the baseline year of Fiscal Year 1999. Reductions in SSOs are directly related to proactive measures by our Capital Project Engineers and Utilities Field Operations staff.

The accumulation of fats, oils, and grease in sewer lines can cause blockages in the collection system. Overflows caused by grease have decreased as a direct result of the 2003 Grease Interceptor Ordinance and our "Can the Grease" public education campaign. The reduction also reflects the proactive approach to cleaning sewer main lines and the publicly maintained portion of sewer connections. Sewer line maintenance also prevents overflows due to the intrusion of tree roots, so-called "flushable wipes" and debris, which are the other major contributors to line blockages.

Visit Can the Grease & No Wipes in Pipes to learn more.

Technical Services

These professionals help maintain water quality by flushing specified areas of the system, overseeing the Cross-Connection Control program, which includes testing and rebuilding backflow assemblies, as well as performing inspections of large meters (3 inches or more) and fire service connections (private hydrant and sprinkler systems) through our permitting process.