Accessibility Statement

The City of Winston-Salem strives to make its services, programs, activities, facilities and employment opportunities available to all of its citizens and interested parties. Should you have an ADA complaint or concern, you may complete the City’s ADA Grievance Form, found within the Quick Links on this page. The form may be filed with one of the City’s ADA Coordinators, who are listed below. Further appeals will be handled in accordance with the City’s Citizen Complaint Procedure. You may request a copy of the Citizen Complaint Procedure by contacting the City Secretary’s Office at 336-727-2224.

ADA Compliance Coordinators

Email Angela Carmon

Self-Evaluation Plan

The city is working on a new transition plan and self-evaluation under the ADA. Both are projected to be completed by December 2021. Should you wish to provide input regarding this process, please feel free to contact one of the City’s ADA Coordinators listed above. You also may provide input by completing the appropriate survey found in the links above. Your input is invaluable.

The city’s current transition plan and self-evaluation were first completed in 1992 and 1993, respectively. They have been updated over the years as changes and the scope of work identified by the plan were completed. Copies of the Transition Plan and Self-Evaluation Summary may be found in the City Attorney’s Office, Suite 134, City Hall.

Web Accessibility

The City of Winston-Salem strives to make our website and our services available to all citizens by following the guidelines of the W3C for accessibility.

  • Images have alt tags to explain what the image is showing.
  • Text size is scalable; using relative-size fonts.
  • Text equivalents are provided for non-text items such as Flash movies and video content-rich pages.
  • Lists of items are marked up as lists.
  • Links are designated by underlining, except in specific navigation sections.
  • Forms can be navigated and submitted by using the keyboard.

If you are having any difficulty with this site, please contact the webmaster and explain what you are trying to do and the problem with completing the task. Email the webmaster.

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