Fallen Officer Remembrance Commemoration

Winston-Salem Police Badge with RoseFallen Officer Remembrance

Beginning October 12, 2010, the Winston-Salem Police Department will implement a new practice to commemorate all slain police officers on the anniversaries of their deaths. The date marks the one-year anniversary of the death of Sergeant Mickey Hutchens.

All-Hands Memorandum

A memorandum to all hands stated: Seventeen members of the Winston-Salem Police Department have given their lives in the line of duty. This ultimate sacrifice for the community should never be forgotten. Although we remember these officers during Law Enforcement Memorial Week, it is not enough…

Commencing October 12, and on the anniversary date of each line-of-duty death, all personnel will wear black bands on their badges. For those without badges, black ribbons will be appropriately worn on clothing. The Honor Guard will stand guard on these dates at the Winston-Salem Police Department memorial outside of the Public Safety Center from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. At 8 a.m. a wreath will be laid at the memorial. This is one small way for us to perpetually pay tribute to these heroes who have made the ultimate sacrifice.

Council Member Statement

Council Member Vivian H. Burke, the chair of the Public Safety Committee, said, We can never do enough to honor our Winston-Salem police officers for what they do to make us safe in this community. We must also remember the families of these slain officers for the loss they endured on behalf of us all.

Dates Observed

These dates will be observed:

DateFallen Officer
January 3, 1983 Police Officer Donald W. Allred
January 15, 1994 Police Officer Robert Buitrago 
January 29, 1993Police Officer Michael R. Jennings 
February 23, 2007Sergeant Howard J. Plouff
February 28, 1995 Police Officer Stephen L. Amos
April 23, 1993 Senior Police Officer Bobby F. Beane
May 19, 1895 Patrolman Michael M. Vickers
June 26, 1992 Lieutenant Aaron G. Tise 
July 30, 2011Police Officer Russell M. Willingham Jr.
August 1, 1941 Patrolman Gurney L. Royall 
August 15, 1927 Patrolman Thomas G. Anderson 
September 9, 1961Patrolman Al C. Kinard
October 12, 2009 Sergeant Mickey G. Hutchens
November 1, 1938 Detective W. G. Willard 
November 1, 1952Patrolman John F. Wimbish
November 28, 1945 Patrolman Grover C. Hailey Jr.
December 8, 1940 Patrolman John M. Sampson
December 26, 1927 Sergeant Leland G. Teague