Helping Employees Be Prepared to Step Into New Roles

The City of Winston-Salem’s succession planning effort is a strategic approach ensuring that necessary talent and skills will be available, when needed, and that essential knowledge and abilities will be maintained when employees in critical positions leave the city. Critical positions are those positions that are instrumental to delivering on city commitments or that exert a critical influence on achieving operation and strategic goals. Succession planning addresses a number of critical human resource issues: an aging workforce, increasing turnover rate among younger employees, fast-paced changes in the workplace, and the need for a diverse workforce at all levels.

In creating the CareerBuilder program, the city is seeking to develop internal talent pools through use of position-specific employee development tracks in conjunction with a robust coaching and mentoring program. Supervisors, department directors, and senior management may recommend employees for the talent pool, and employees may also self-identify for the program.


The city’s critical positions have been divided into five training tracks each with specific course requirements (PDF):

  • Administrative
  • Operations
  • Professional/Technical
  • Senior Staff
  • Supervisory (Labor, Trades, Crafts)

Time Commitment

Employees and supervisors should note that there is a significant time commitment for candidates involved in this training process and attendance at all sessions is expected for successful completion of the track.

Classes are in three-hour blocks once a week for a total 36 to 63 hours, depending upon the track. Following successful completion of the development track, each employee will be paired with a mentor for further department and position-specific training. Pairings will be based on recommendations of department directors and senior management.

Apply Now

Employees interested in the CareerBuilder program must complete the CareerBuilder Employee Application form and submit it to Human Resources no later than May 31, 2018. Classes will begin in early September 2018. For forms or more information, please see the following: