CareerBuilder Mentoring

Phase II of CareerBuilder Program: Mentoring

Mentoring is most often defined as a professional relationship in which an experienced person (the mentor) assists another (the mentee) in developing specific skills and knowledge that will enhance the less-experienced person’s professional and personal growth.

Employees in the city's CareerBuilder program are now more than half-way through their classes, so it is time to start planning for the second phase of the program: mentoring. Each CareerBuilder participant will be assigned a mentor for one year. We are now in the process of soliciting participation from potential mentors.

Time Commitment

Participation in the program requires a time commitment of approximately one hour per week for twelve months. The role of the mentor is one of a counselor dedicated to developing the skills needed by the mentee to progress in our organization. In addition to general counseling in the area of leadership, mentors will be responsible for arranging and debriefing shadowing sessions which will assist mentees in determining which areas of the organization most appeal to them. Mentors will be required to meet with their mentee in person at least once per month and either in-person or via a telephone at other times for a minimum of four hours of monthly contact.

The city will provide six 3-hour classes for a total of 18 hours of training for mentors over a six-week period beginning the last week of April. Mentors will learn about available mentoring tools, confidentiality issues, using good communication and listening skills, and how to share institutional knowledge and counsel mentees, among other topics.

Becoming a Mentor

If you feel that you could assist one of the program participants in their professional growth, please complete the application (DOCX) and submit it to Human Resources no later than Friday, March 31.

Selection Process

  1. Employee completes application form and submits form to Human Resources.
  2. Succession Planning Team sends reference verification form to current supervisor.
  3. Completed verification forms are packaged with Employee Application Form and submitted to City Manager’s Office for final approval of candidates.


  • Employed by the City of Winston-Salem for a minimum of 3 years
  • A minimum final rating of Solid Performer on last Annual Performance Evaluation
  • Proven leadership ability
  • Approval of supervisor to participate in program
  • Willingness to share knowledge about the organization and its way of doing things
  • Ability to give constructive feedback, encourage trying new roles, review career objectives and plans, and reinforce lessons learned
  • Willingness to introduce mentees to other employees who can assist them in achieving their short-term and long-term professional goals
  • Desire and commitment to follow through on agreements made

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