Exercise Rooms

Exercise at City HallExercise at City Hall or at the Stuart Building

Now you can exercise where you work! A treadmill and an elliptical machine are set up in the exercise room at City Hall, ground floor, just inside the hall at the north of the building.

At the Stuart building, the room is on the ground floor down the hall to the left of the Print Shop. There is a treadmill, an exercise bike, a tri-circuit hydro gym, and an adjustable hyper extension machine. Equipment is to be used only on your own time - before and after regular working hours, or during lunch time and scheduled breaks. Equipment is used at your own risk.

Sign Up

Sign-up sheets are posted in the room for up to 1/2 hour blocks of time. If you aren't there within 5 minutes of your reserved time, you forfeit your slot if someone else is waiting to use it.

About the Equipment

The low-impact, cardiovascular workout of the elliptical trainer is gentle on your back, knees, hips, and joints; and provides a workout for both upper and lower body. The treadmill is a time-honored way to lose weight, get fit, and walk/run for a while without regard to the weather!

Be sure to check the information posted on the walls for correct use of the equipment. Sustained regular exercise can even help to alleviate depression. Why not try it?