Handbook for Supervisors

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Handbook Walk Through

We invite you, managers and supervisors, to walk through these pages with us. This handbook is intended to give you a quick view of basic and simplified step-by-step procedural information on a full range of topics needed by supervisors in the management of their teams. It includes information on human resources procedures, financial protocols, safety issues, etc.

The handbook has both a table of contents and an index. Both are linked to the actual location in the document. Clicking on the link will take you to the desired page. Other links exist throughout the document. These will take you to other pages in the document or to further information on the web.

Supervisors are, however, cautioned that changes may occur in policies and procedures, which will supersede the information in the current version. Therefore, remember that the most current information will always appear on this page. If you choose to print the document, you will need to return to the website periodically for updates.