Shared Leave

City of Winston-Salem Employees’ Shared Leave Program

In cases of a catastrophic medical condition, an employee may apply for leave donations from other City employees and/or from the shared leave bank. Consenting employees may agree to have leave donations transferred from their accumulated sick, vacation and/or holiday leave balances to the sick account of a requesting employee or to the leave bank. Coercion and/or intimidation are prohibited, and should be reported to the Human Resources Director.

The Shared Leave Program is employee to employee and is being offered in addition to the benefits provided by the City. Shared Leave is not accrued or earned under this program. The City may modify or terminate the Shared Leave Program at any time in its sole discretion. The Shared Leave Program has no reference to or relationship with the City’s advanced sick leave policy. All full-time and part-time employees with benefits that have been employed for at least 6 months are eligible for this program.


  • Catastrophic Medical Condition: A serious incapacitating and/or life threatening non-job related illness/injury requiring an extended treatment and/or recovery period for which the employee anticipates being absent from work.
  • Immediate Family Member: Immediate family member includes mother, father, spouses, and children.
  • Direct Donations: Leave donated from an employee to a qualifying named recipient.
  • Shared Leave Bank: A holding account for leave. Leave can be donated directly to this account by employees to unnamed recipients. Unused donated leave is also deposited into this account.
  • Shared Leave Committee: A committee of 3 voting members from various City departments appointed by the City Manager will review applications for Request to Receive Donated Leave from the Shared Leave Bank. Two members of the committee will be appointed for two year terms and one for a one year term. The Human Resources Director will be a non-voting permanent member of the committee.
  • Terminating Employment: Ending employment for any reason.

Employee Requesting Shared Leave

  • Recipients may request shared leave donations for a Catastrophic Medical Condition requiring an extended treatment and/or recovery period. The catastrophic medical condition can be the employee’s own or for their immediate family member. This program is not meant to extend the employment of an employee when the possibility of return to work is not probable.
  • The recipient’s current performance must be at an acceptable level (fully successful or higher).
  • Recipients must exhaust all paid leave (sick, vacation, holiday, and short term disability) before receiving leave from direct donations or from the Shared Leave Bank. The application process can be started prior to the actual depletion of leave.
  • A Request To Receive Donated Leave form (PDF) must be completed. If the recipient is unable to complete the application, their supervisor may do so upon verbal permission of the employee. No medical information can be released without the written signed consent of the recipient.
  • A Certification of Health Care Provider form, available in the Human Resources department and on the Human Resources Department’s web page, must be submitted to the Human Resources Director.
  • All applications to receive shared leave must first be submitted to the recipient’s department head for his/her comments before forwarding to the Human Resources department.
  • A recipient that does not receive adequate leave from direct donations may be eligible for leave available in the Shared Leave Bank.
  • Upon returning to work or terminating of employment, any unused leave received under this policy will be removed from the recipient’s sick leave account and placed in the Shared Leave Bank. The recipient will be able to retain any sick or annual leave accrued in their account while on paid leave.
  • Where donated leave received qualifies for the 12-week FMLA entitlement, the time granted and the FMLA entitlement shall run concurrently.

Employee Donating Leave

  • Employees donating leave must maintain a combined balance of 12 days of vacation and sick leave (not to include holiday time).
  • Sick, vacation and/or holiday leave may be donated to a qualifying named recipient or to the Shared Leave Bank. Leave must be donated in one-hour increments.
  • A Shared Leave Donor Authorization form (PDF) must be completed.
  • Should the employee receiving donated leave terminate his/her employment with the City, direct donations balances will be deposited to the Shared Leave Blank.
  • Terminating employees may donate vacation and/or accrued holiday leave, but are not eligible to donate sick leave.