Looking forward to your retirement years? Be sure you are prepared!

Dear Potential Retiree,

On behalf of the City of Winston-Salem, thank you for the years of service that you have dedicated!

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Your contributions have not gone unnoticed and we are looking forward to assisting you as you transition into your retirement. You can find important retiree information here, as well as steps to take when considering retirement. Please feel free to call our office if you need additional information as well as when you are ready to retire. We are always here to help!

Marquis Barnett, Human Resources Director

The Retirement Process

Step One - (One Year Before Retirement)

  • Review your retirement account for accuracy
  • Set a target retirement date
  • Set up a retirement counseling meeting with Human Resources to discuss your retirement options

Step Two - (3 or 4 Months Before Retirement)

  • Schedule your retirement appointment (where you should be ready to complete retirement paperwork) by calling Human Resources at 747-6807
  • Your supervisor will be notified officially of your retirement date
  • (Optional) Return to Human Resources with the State Retirement forms that were mailed to your home
  • We will assist you in completing these forms and we will notarize them for you (this is a State requirement)

Step Three - (Retirement Month)

  • Complete your final day of work
  • Your final paycheck will be mailed to your home

Step Four - (Your First Official Month of Retirement)

  • You first retirement check will be mailed to your home on the 25th of the month
  • When you cash your first retirement check you are officially retired

Please note that these are estimates. If you fail to complete your retirement paperwork less than 3 months before your retirement, it is likely your first retirement benefit will not be paid in the month that you retire.