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Code Enforcement enforces minimum housing codes to protect the public health, safety and general welfare ensuring that residential structures are fit for human habitation. We also enforce sanitation codes relating to overgrown lots and shrubbery, illegal dumping, among other violations. Please see list below.

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Report code violations online such as overgrown yards and abandoned vehicles, 
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What is the typical time to comply?


These guidelines are based on Winston-Salem city ordinances:

Keep Grass Mowed

Front and back to the street. Grass cannot be higher than 8 inches. Rodents and other pests love tall grass, and weeds. Use the ruler at left as a guide.

Keep Shrubbery Cut

Back from streets and sidewalks.

Get Rid of Trash

This includes litter, scrap metal and construction debris. Piles of trash and debris can lead to disease, injury or fire.

Remove Junk Vehicles

Junk and broken down vehicles are dangerous, especially to children.

Keep Indoor Furniture, Appliances and Electronics Off Porches and Yards

Rodents and other pests love these.

Active Cases Map of Winston-Salem

Interactive map forthcoming


Distressed Properties

The properties listed on this below have housing code violations and could be referred to the City Council for demolition if they are not brought into compliance. If you are interested in purchasing any of these properties you should follow the same process of due diligence as with purchasing property through a real estate firm.

If you do purchase one of these properties, please notify Neighborhood Services so that we can remove it from this list. Call 336-734-1252.

The following properties were vacant when violations were cited. “Property Owner” column lists owner at the time of violations.

Property AddressProperty OwnerTax Office Property Id NumberTotal violations Case Numberward
435 Nash AvenueThurmond H. Simpson 
Phyliss Davis
1849 Kentucky AvenueDavid Anderson
Edward T. Anderson, Heirs
1109 N. Cameron AvenueVerna Belcher Simpson6836-80-9660.00052018080104East
510 Edna StreetDorothy E. Faust, Heirs6845-27-5382.00032018110109East
1411 N. Cameron AvenueCharlotte Rickard, Omega Smith, Ivory Smith, Christopher Smith6836-82-9355.00052018110115East
2819 N. Glenn AvenueEssential Properties NC LLC6836-36-6898.00032020120808Northeast
1046 Melrose StreetJoseph D. Fritts, Jr.6824-39-0834.00022018070926Southwest
2511 Lewis StreetBob R. Dahmer
Tevera Dahmer
1019 Devonshire StreetArmando Cabrera Mata6844-05-2468.00052019040150Southeast
2408 Lucille StreetLCR Investments LLC6834-55-3630.00032020060933Southeast

Disclaimer: The City of Winston-Salem does not own any of the properties listed herein and any inquiries regarding such should be directed to the property owner(s) of record. This information is being provided to the public as a courtesy to facilitate the preservation of existing housing inventory. While every effort will be made to regularly update the information provided herein, the City of Winston-Salem makes no representation regarding the habitability or marketability of any of the properties listed. Anyone interested in acquiring a property listed here is strongly encouraged to consult an attorney and/or real estate professional for further guidance. The City of Winston-Salem assumes no responsibility for any risk or financial harm that could potentially occur as a result of acquiring or attempting to acquire a distressed property.


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