Employee Suggestion Program

Many ideas for improving service come from our employees. If you have an idea to improve our city services, please be sure to read the rules concerning suggestions and then follow the link below to fill in the form and submit your idea.

Use the online form to send in your idea.

2019 to 2020 Suggestion Winners

2018 to 2019 Suggestion Winners-None

2017 to 2018 Suggestion Winners

  • Tom McEwen - $700: Use Nor Weco, Bio Neutralizer Tablets instead of Vita-D-Chlor Tablets in the automatic flushers installed in the water system.
  • Mae Jones - $50: Restrict parking in the 2 parking spaces at the employee entrance gate in the Church St. parking deck.
  • Timothy Mabe - $50: Put non-slip mats outside of showers at the Police substations.

2016 to 2017 Suggestion Winners

  • Chad Riesett - $985: Utilize the American Darling hydrant manufacturer to perform inspection and repair of existing 2006 to 2011 American Darling hydrants that have a manufacturer's safety recall
  • Sarah Hauser - $50: Put mats down in front of water machines
  • Tommy McEwen - $240: Developed a hydrant lower barrel identification manual to help identify hydrants

2015 to 2016 Suggestion Winners

  • Cynthia Skaggs - $50: Email Accident Review Letters instead of mailing them
  • Michael Hardison - $90: Repair the top transition duct instead of replacing it

2014 to 2015 Suggestion Winners

  • Anthony Outen - $50: place a clean out on each drop from the main header of the digested sludge pumps
  • Catherine Talbert - $50: Schedule a domestic violence wellness class during Domestic Violence Month
  • Charles Albers - $3000: Used refurbished mower parts instead of purchasing new ones
  • Michael Gruver - $690: Reuse Neilson mixer's at Muddy Creek

2013 to 2014 Suggestion Winners

  • Bobby McMannon and Michael Tilley - $50: Install a valve on the Dollinger Filter main line supply side and a vent valve atop the filter in the Old Digester Building at the Elledge Plant
  • Mae Jones - $50: Place hand sanitizers in work-out rooms
  • Stephanie Stimpson - $5000: Use grant money to help cover costs of moving City Yard


Does your idea meet one of the following criteria?:

  • Combine - Operations or functions
  • Create - New designs, methods
  • Eliminate - Duplication, labor, equipment, unnecessary operations
  • Improve -Service, efficiency, methods, inventory, communications
  • Reduce - Costs, waste, safety hazards, downtime
  • Save - Time, space, labor, material, utilities