2011 Suggestion Winners

  • Barney Boger - $50: Put a cut-off slide gate or valve on top of the silos rubber boots at the Biosolids Dryer Facility
  • Rockey Hauser - $70: Control beaver population in-house at the Swann Water Treatment Plant instead of paying outside company
  • Mitchell Masencup - $820: Use a cheaper and more reliable paging system for police officers
  • Bobby McMannen - $50: Reposition electronic monitor controlling South Forkflume at Elledge Waste Water Treatment Plant
  • Lee Nichols - $50: Use a wireless keyboard and mouse for 5th floor conference room in BAS. Cables have created a tripping hazard
  • Curtis Zieglar - $1330: Used a growth reducing spray on the grass on soccer fields to reduce the need for mowing