2010 Suggestion Winners

  • Sherry Bagwell - $175: Use certified staff for in-house training rather than pay for training classes.
  • Mickey Boone - $800: Use generic herbicide instead of name brand products.
  • Wanda Davidson - $50: Give customers their Online Credit Letter while still in the office instead of mailing them out.
  • Michael Gruver - $5000: Installed a Photohelic A3100 relay to help the gas compression system work more efficiently.
  • Henry Okiro - $50: Install steps and put lighting on timers at the Pat Swann Water Treatment Plant.
  • Randy Sizemore - $50: build a dipper that is made from 3/4 inch PVC pipe and a nalgene 1 liter bottle instead of buying them.
  • Randy Wilson - $50: Post permit signs at sidewalk cut locations.