About Forms

Using Forms

You can fill in many of these forms on your computer. You may also be able to send it as an attachment in email under the File then Send to menu.

Note: If you click on a form it may open in your browser and you will have some options under the File then Send to menu.

  1. If you Save Target As (download the form to your own hard drive) (see next paragraph) and then open it in the program, there will be different options under that File then Send to menu.
  2. Click on the form you wish to use and it may open automatically (use Internet Explorer) or choose to Save it to Disk/Save Target As. Specify the folder for the download and Save. To open the form, choose Open in the download dialogue box, or to open from within your program, choose File then Open, navigate to the folder it is saved in, and double-click on the file name.
  3. You may want to Save As to put the still-blank form in your regular save location for future use (but check online periodically for updated versions). Fill in the form directly on your computer and then print!
  4. Save As again to save the filled-out form with a different name.

Some of the forms in Word and Adobe Acrobat now have form fields to make them easier to use. Just Tab through the form to type in the required information, then print.