Website Statistics

Get Web Statistics for Your Department

View the latest monthly Web and Social Statistics under the "Performance Measures" section of the Project Workload and Performance Information page.

Analyzing web statistics, also called analytics, is one of the best ways to determine whether your department's web strategy is working. In 2016, every City department had at least one good page (with more than 1,000 views), and most departments had at least one bad page (with 199 or fewer views).

Web Content Coordinator Deven Swartz can help tweak all your pages to generate maximum impact with the public. Call 336-734-1240 or email Deven to set up a strategy session.

Quick Website Statistics for the 2016 to 2017 Fiscal Year

  • 1.5 million visits
  • 3.9 million pages viewed
  • 450 pages across all departments viewed 1,000 or more times (2016 calendar year)
  • 61 pages viewed at least 10,000 times