Periodic Inspections

  2. Explanation of Fees and Ordinances

The Winston-Salem Fire Department follows the state inspection schedule for businesses. Your inspection will be done every 1, 2, or 3 years based on your business type. Here are the guidelines:

  • Every year: Hazardous, institutional, high-rise, assemblies with an occupant load of 100 or greater, and residential (except one- and two-family) occupancies.
  • Every two years: Industrial and educational occupancies.
  • Every three years: Assemblies with an occupant load of: 
    • 99 or less
    • Business
    • Church
    • Mercantile
    • Miscellaneous occupancies
    • Storage
    • Synagogue

Re-Inspections & Requesting an Extension

In many cases, 30 days may not provide enough time to correct a fire code violation. In the event that you are willing to correct the violation and need more time, you may request an extension.

  1. Your request must be in writing and addressed to the Fire Marshal.
  2. You must explain why you are requesting the extension and how much time you need to correct the violation(s).
  3. You must provide the information on any violation(s) that you have already corrected.
  4. You may fax your request to 336-773-7974; however, we recommend that you follow your fax with a hard copy mailed to the fire marshal at:
    Winston-Salem Fire Department
    P. O. Box 2511
    Winston-Salem, NC 27102
  5. Plan ahead. Do not wait until the day before the re-inspection date to request an extension. Submit your request at least five days prior to your re-inspection date.
  6. Follow-up your fax or letter to the fire marshal with a telephone call two to three days after your request, at 336-773-7972.

Security Provisions

Special requirements apply for security gates and special locking arrangements placed on exit doors. Please call 336-773-7972 to discuss your specific situation.