Commercial Property Safety

How to Keep Your Commercial Property Safe

Alarm System

  • Advertise its presence to deter break-ins
  • Check system on a daily basis
  • Have a central monitoring station
  • Should be supplied and installed by licensed alarm company

Building Exterior

  • Do not store items, such as boxes, trash bins, vehicles, or equipment, near your building that would provide concealment and/or roof access
  • Secure all openings

Open Cash RegisterCash Register

  • Keep in plain view from outside the building (easily monitored)
  • Leave open when empty and not in use


  • All exposed hinges should be pinned to prevent removal
  • All jams should be solid
  • All outside and security doors should be metal lined
  • All outside and security doors should be of solid construction
  • Check with fire code for safety requirements

Key Control & ID Number

  • Change locks whenever you suspect key security has been jeopardized
  • Code all keys
  • Do not allow employees to leave them lying around
  • Do not allow employees to make duplicates
  • Keep keys securely locked when not in use

Locks & Padlocks

  • Always keep padlocks locked
  • Lock all outside entrances
  • Padlocks should be of hardened steel


  • Focus on doors and other possible entries
  • Keep entire perimeter well lit

Perimeter Fences

  • Adequate enough to keep intruders out
  • But also allow good visibility by neighbors and police


  • Anchored securely
  • Burglar resistant
  • Change combination when someone with access is released from employment
  • Fire proof
  • Leave in plain sight (easily monitored)
  • Use to lock up valuables when business is closed


  • Ability to record in lower-lit areas (infrared)
  • Color digital system provides higher clarity
  • Install quality video system


  • Burglar-resistant glass treatments
  • Check with fire code for safety requirements
  • If you have an alarm, have glass break sensors
  • Should have secure locks