ATM Safety

Observe Surroundings

Before approaching any automated teller machine (ATM), be alert for any suspicious persons, occupied vehicle(s) close by or unusual circumstances. Should you see suspicious persons or circumstances or otherwise feel uneasy or uncomfortable with your surroundings, leave the area immediately-do not use the ATM. Come back at a later or more appropriate time or use an ATM at another location. Report any suspicious persons or activity to law enforcement authorities. Try to use the ATM during normal business hours.

Be Ready to Transact Business

Before approaching any ATM machine, have your access card and any other paperwork necessary for your particular transaction ready and in your hand. Having to retrieve these items from a purse or wallet is time-consuming and allows a potential offender easier access to your valuables. By being ready to transact business before approaching the ATM, your transaction becomes quicker and safer.

Remain Observant While Using the ATM

While transacting business at the ATM, continue to observe your surroundings. Be careful not to disclose or otherwise reveal your Personal Identification Number (PIN) to others while using the ATM. Never begin a transaction when strangers have a clear view of the ATM keyboard. Use your body to shield the ATM keyboard as you access the machine. This will allow you to access the machine without disclosing or revealing your PIN. You should check your surroundings every few seconds while actually using the ATM. Should you observe any suspicious persons or circumstances, terminate your transaction immediately, leave the area, and contact law enforcement authorities.

Leave Quickly

Upon completing your transaction, retrieving your card and receiving your receipt, immediately leave the ATM area. Do not count or otherwise visually expose any money received from the ATM. Continue to observe your surroundings for any suspicious persons or circumstances, such as anyone following or approaching you. Always maintain a safe distance between you and any stranger. If you believe that you are being followed, you should go to the nearest place where there are people and contact law enforcement authorities.

If Approached

If you are at a drive-up ATM and someone approaches your vehicle on foot, immediately drive away, leave the area and call 911. Don't worry about getting your card out of the machine before you leave, it's not worth getting robbed or hurt. Your money is replaceable, your life isn't.

ATM Failure

From time to time, an ATM machine may fail and keep a cardholders card. Sometimes the card is kept because of a device that has been inserted into the card reader. There has been such cases take place in North Carolina. Should you use an ATM machine and it keep your ATM or credit card, contact the company responsible for the ATM machine and notify the Police.