Garage Burglary

What is a garage burglary? Garage burglaries exist in almost any community where the residences have a garage attached to the residence. A garage burglary can be committed in 15 seconds or less. Garage burglaries rely on the presence of an opportunity, which is usually an open door, to commit the crime. Therefore, the occupants of the residence can control garage burglaries. The following are a few tips on how you can reduce or prevent the opportunity of becoming the victim of a garage burglary:

  • When staying in for the evening, check to make sure that the garage door is closed. Once you have confirmed that the garage door is closed, make sure you lock the interior door leading to the garage area. Most people do not realize they have been burglarized until they walk into the garage area to find their golf clubs, yard tools, bikes, lawn mower, etc are missing. In some incidences people have walked out to find their vehicle missing.
  • Even though closing your garage door may be an inconvenience while cutting the grass or doing other yard activities, it can save you hours of frustration. Remember that it only takes 15 seconds to commit a Garage Burglary and a thief can be in and out of your garage before you make that walk to and from the front yard to the back yard.
  • Look out for your neighbors. If you notice their garage door open for long periods of time with no outdoor activity or if they appear to have called it a night, let them know.
  • Whenever you are closing your garage door, make sure the door is completely down before driving off, walking away or closing the interior door because, the remote control or the wall mounted switch could malfunction from time to time.
  • If you leave an automatic garage door opener in your vehicle, make sure to keep it out of sight and always lock your doors.
  • As an added precaution, (if equipped) utilize the "lock" and "unlock" safety feature on the wall-mounted switch. When in the "lock" position your automatic garage door opener is disabled. This provides an additional barrier between you and your family, from the outside world while you are sleeping.
  • Place items of greater value further into the garage area versus close to the garage door.
  • When leaving the garage door open for a pet, make sure the door is not high enough for a thief to slide under.