Using the Employee Center

The Employee Center is your source for information and help of all kinds. All employees have access to the Employee Center at work or at home. Sign in from home, on vacation, anywhere you have internet access.

If you are at a public-access computer, be sure to sign out and close the browser window when you are done. When you are at home or at work, after signing in, you will stay connected for about a work day before you are signed out automatically. Yes, you will need to sign in every day.

WSHome was used for many years for the employee intranet, and we have retained that URL as part of the URL for home access.From your desk on the city's network, just type in - wshome.a.


Have an announcement poster/flier for everyone to see? Celebrations, retirement announcements, fundraisers, etc., will now be posted here instead of sent via email to everyone. Send the poster/flyer file to your department web content editor and then put a link to the web page in your broadcast email instead of attaching the file to the mail. Check the News page at any time to see what is going on!