Vehicle Release

Procedures for Vehicle Release

Owners are encouraged to make an appointment to retrieve a vehicle that was seized as evidence and has been deemed eligible for release. Once a vehicle is eligible for release, a certified letter is mailed to the owner. Towing, storage, and administrative fees may apply. The owner will be required to respond to the Evidence Management Facility to pay these fees and sign release paperwork.

If the vehicle is at a wrecker company lot, the citizen should respond directly to the wrecker lot to pay fees and retrieve their vehicle. If the vehicle is stored at the Police Holdover Lot, the owner will be required to accompany the Evidence Specialist to the lot and provide their own transportation. If necessary, the owner will be required to arrange for a tow truck to respond to the Police Holdover Lot to remove the vehicle. In all situations involving vehicle releases, the owner is responsible for all maintenance and mechanical issues involving the release of the vehicle.

In all vehicle releases, proper identification to include a valid operator's license must be presented. In some situations, title information or bill of sale may be required. To confirm an appointment with Evidence Management staff, please call 336-726-7285. Our office is open Wednesday through Thursday, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., excluding holidays.