Life Saving Medal


PSCO Anna Schorn

The Lifesaving Medal may be granted to any employee for the saving of a human life or the attempt to save a human life. Saving of a human life or the attempt to save a human life is providing substantial assistance to another such as, but not limited to, the removal of a person from a place or situation where death would be imminent if the victim were not immediately removed, or the administration of CPR, Heimlich maneuver, stopping the free flow of blood, the directing of life saving instructions, or the performing a specific act without which death would be imminent.

Public Safety Communications Operator (PSCO) Anna Schorn handled a 911 call from a distraught suicidal citizen. The caller stated he wanted to talk to someone due to wanting to kill himself. As PSCO Tschorn attempted to obtain his location, name and mode of travel, the man stated that he had a firearm pointed at his head and had a knife. The caller refused to answer questions and wanted the police to shoot him and threatened to shoot any officer who approached.

PSCO Tschorn maintained a calm demeanor and continued to engage the caller in conversation as she entered the information into CAD. She cross-referenced his phone number to identify the caller and ascertained his location. Officers located the caller sitting in his vehicle in a parking lot. These actions agitated the caller and he demanded officers back away. PSCO Tschorn relayed her conversation to the Lieutenant, who was on the scene, while continuing to calmly speak with the caller.

After several minutes of conversation including threats against officers and declarations of suicide, the caller stated he planned to exit his vehicle. PSCO Tschorn asked his intentions and successfully convinced the caller to lie on the ground with his hands outstretched. She relayed this information her conversation to the Lieutenant at which time the suicidal man was taken into custody for an emergency commitment without incident.

PSCO Tschorn demonstrated calmness, compassion, and professionalism during the twenty-minute call. She quickly and very effectively provided crucial information to officers on scene while maintaining rapport with the suicidal citizen. PSCO Tschorn's efforts helped bring a potentially deadly situation 

We are honored to present PSCO Anna Tschorn with the Winston-Salem Police Department’s Lifesaving Commendation Medal.