Rufus W. Dalton Award

About the Award

Rufus W. Dalton was born and grew up in the West End area of Winston-Salem. He was an employee of Wachovia Bank and never worked in law enforcement. However, something about the profession apparently affected him personally.

He designated 153 individuals and 31 charitable institutions in his will, but his largest bequest went to local law enforcement agencies through the establishment of the Rufus Dalton Trust in 1983. He designed the fund to honor the bravery of police officers injured in the line of duty or to compensate the spouse of an officer killed in the line of duty.

Corporal M. D. GriffithCorporal M. D. Griffith

I am pleased to announce that an officer from the Winston-Salem Police Department has been selected to receive the 2018 Rufus Dalton Award. Corporal M. D. Griffith received injuries in the line of duty requiring considerable medical attention and causing a loss of work time.

Officers with the Winston-Salem Police Department attempted to apprehend a wanted fugitive in the parking lot of a local business. The officers were performing a vehicle blocking technique on the suspect vehicle with Corporal M. D. Griffith and Detective B. W. Hatcher operating the vehicle directly behind the suspect vehicle. As Corporal Griffith was exiting his vehicle, the suspect intentionally backed into Corporal Griffith's vehicle knocking Corporal Griffith to the ground. As the suspect continued to push Corporal Griffith's vehicle backward, Corporal Griffith became trapped and drug underneath his own vehicle. The suspect then fled the scene before being apprehended a short distance later.

Fellow officers immediately responded to assist Corporal Griffith. These officers were able to quickly free the trapped officer from a life-threatening position underneath his vehicle. Corporal Griffith was transported to a local medical facility for emergency medical treatment. While getting injured in the line of duty is not part of an officer's job description, it is often an unfortunate reality of the job. We extend our special thanks to Corporal Griffith and to all the many other law enforcement professionals who accept these risks each day for the purpose of keeping our communities safe.