Rockael Baldwin

Incident Video

The body-camera video of the arrest of Rockael Baldwin on October 5 at Hanes Magnet Middle School is posted below. Superior Court Judge Anderson Cromer signed a court order November 8 approving the release of the body-camera video but directed, among other things, that the city blur the images of students and others not directly involved in the incident, and redact certain telephone numbers mentioned in the video.

The first 30 seconds of the video do not have sound because the body-camera system takes 30 seconds to boot up its audio system and start recording audio once the camera is activated.


Baldwin, 14, was arrested by Officer Tyler McCormick, the school resource officer, when she attempted to leave campus while he was still investigating an alleged altercation between Baldwin and another student.

Baldwin's attempt to leave campus and her arrest occur within the first 4 minutes of the 65-minute video. The rest of the video shows Baldwin in the school office while McCormick waits with her until a family member arrives to pick her up.

Also posted is the court order authorizing release of the video (PDF).