2023 Resident Satisfaction Survey

Our 2023 Survey is currently in progress! The random survey invitation was distributed by both email and text invitation in early January of this year.  This year's survey serves as a pilot for a short three-page survey designed to focus specifically on areas where residents identify the highest needs for service improvement and overall investment. Survey responses provide the City with data regarding constituent perceptions of City programs and services.  This data assists the City in investments and planning for Future city services.  Previous surveys and their results can be found in the “Past Survey Results”.

If you have questions or comments regarding the Survey or would like a copy of the 2023 non-random survey, please, e-mail the Resident Survey Team or call CityLink at 311 or 336-727-8000. 

About the Survey

The 2023 Resident Satisfaction Survey is conducted in the second year of a three-year contract with ETC, Inc. to administer a statistically significant satisfaction and opinion survey to a randomly selected segment of Winston-Salem households, as well as an identical non-random survey open to any person interested. The non-random survey can be found and completed online. The survey is also listed below as a .pdf and can be printed, filled out, and returned to the address on the last page of the survey. Results for the random and non-random versions are reported separately to ensure the statistical validity of the randomized sample.  A statistically valid sample allows the City to make generalizations about the overall population. 

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