Information Systems - Connecting PeopleLike other local governments and business, the city relies heavily on its computer systems to provide efficient services to the public. The Information Systems department oversees the city's computing environment, delivering centralized and integrated services to its client departments and outside customers.

Application Support

The Applications & Databases division within the Information Systems department maintains departmental and enterprise applications that directly support critical business processes. These applications encompass a wide spectrum, from off-the-shelf software to programs customized for various functions such as payroll, financial administration, planning and development, inspections, geographical information systems, utilities operations, and internally developed web applications.  Dedicated team members within this division are responsible for implementing and maintaining newer applications and ensuring seamless integrations with legacy systems.  Their expertise spans applications, data management, analytics, programming and development, on-premise and cloud-based solutions, and project management.

Consulting Services

City employees rely on Information Systems for expertise to determine new ways to meet their needs through technology. Information Systems keeps abreast of the rapidly changing technology market and recommends cost-effective solutions that integrate with existing systems and promote efficiency. Information Systems also provides project management services for new development and large maintenance projects.

Desktop Support

Information Systems supports over 1000 computers, printers, and other peripheral equipment used daily by city employees through the use of managed desktop computing services. Each computer is configured with standard software so that employees have necessary computing programs available to them for performing their duties.

Geographic Information System

Information Systems provides support and expertise for the Geographic Information System (GIS). The system supplies geographic information related to a selected site or location. Many city departments use the system to make better decisions for the community. For example, GIS will map the location of water lines, and provide the most direct route for emergency personnel to follow in urgent situations. For additional information on GIS visit the GIS Data page.

Network Services

Information Systems supports a Metropolitan Areas Network (MAN) that connects departments located throughout the city. The network provides critical support to Police, Fire, and Public Works communications systems, as well as the business applications that provide other internal and external services. Systems and data are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Telecommunication Services

Information Systems is responsible for providing reliable, cost effective telephone, long distance, and wireless services to the city staff.

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