IS Liaison

Liaison Roles:

  • Acts as the department's primary point of contact or bi-directional communication between the department and IS
    • Coordinate and communicates critical information to ensure trouble free application/equipment additions/upgrades and enhancements 
    • Prioritizes the department’s information technology needs
    • Provides information about how the department is structured
    • Participates in IT related activities such planning, coordination, testing, installations, moves, etc. for the department with IS
    • Coordinates department-specific IT issues, and disseminates information about IT services, policies and procedures, and product information (including recently-discovered vulnerabilities)
  • Coordinates and schedules IS related service changes with departmental staff when needed
  • Maintains critical information pertaining to IS customers in the department
  • Communicates personnel changes to IS
  • Actively participates in IS sponsored initiatives

Characteristics of a Liaison:

  • Demonstrates knowledge and understanding of their department's business needs and processes and it's correlation to technology
  • Is well versed and knowledgeable of the departments technology needs and uses
  • Is responsive to both IS and their own coworkers, customers, and peers
  • Is willing to be stretched beyond the requirements of their primary role and take on the additional responsibility of technical adviser
  • Has knowledge and experience in the deployment and implementation of information technology