2018 Resident Survey

The City of Winston-Salem has released the results of the 2018 Resident Survey. The 2018 survey is the fifth satisfaction survey conducted by Winston-Salem since 2006 and was designed to measure residents' satisfaction and perceptions with various City services and overall impressions of living in the City. The findings highlight areas City government can better serve our community as well as provide input to the mayor and City Council when determining future strategic priorities and objectives.

Survey Details

The 7-page survey was administered through the mail by ETC Institute to randomly selected households. Results returned a 95% confidence level and +/- 3.1% margin of error and were reflective of the demographic makeup of the City population. City residents not selected for the random sample were also invited to complete the survey online to ensure that everyone who wanted to participate was given an opportunity.

The topic selection and question language was very similar to the past surveys administered in 2011, 2008, 2007, and 2006. The actual survey instrument sent to residents can be found in the appendix of the report.


The results were overall very positive with high overall satisfaction in the City as a place to live, raise children and work. Results were compared against regional and national survey responses and generally show that Winston-Salem residents report higher levels of overall satisfaction than neighboring cities across many categories.

City Council and City staff would like to thank all 1,327 residents who took the time to respond.

The 2018 Resident Survey Final Report and a copy of the PowerPoint that was presented to City Council during the April 10, 2018 Community Development/Housing/General Government Committee meeting, as well as information related to prior surveys, have been provided: