Garbage and Recycling Exemption Forms

Curbside Collection Exemptions

The city provides backyard garbage and recycling collection to any household that receives an exemption from curbside collection when no one in the home is physically capable of taking rollout carts to the curb. 

As of July 1, 2021, the city will not provide backyard garbage collection to any household that has not received a new curbside garbage collection exemption, backed up by a letter from your medical provider on the provider’s office letterhead, verifying the need for an exemption.  

Exemptions are good for three years, after which a new exemption application must be submitted, along with a new letter from your medical provider.

Households that request backyard garbage collection must provide their own garbage cans. 

Existing exemptions from curbside garbage collection will not be honored after July 1, 2021. Households that currently have an exemption will have to apply for a new exemption and provide a letter from their medical provider, on the provider’s office letterhead. 

This change does not affect backyard recycling collections.

To apply for a curbside garbage collection exemption:

1. Get a letter from your medical provider verifying that neither you, nor anyone living at your address, is physically able to roll the garbage cart out to the curb. THIS LETTER MUST BE DATED AND ON THE LETTERHEAD OF THE MEDICAL PRACTICE. Keep a copy for your records.

2. Apply for an exemption and submit the letter. You have two options:

  • Complete the online form and attach an electronic copy of your medical provider’s letter. 
  • Print and fill out the application form and mail it with your medical provider’s letter to: 

Winston-Salem Sanitation Division
ATTN. Curbside Exemption
P.O. Box 2511
Winston-Salem, NC, 27102

Be sure to check the box showing that you have read the terms and conditions. Applications that do not have this box checked will not be processed.  

3. Allow at least two weeks for your exemption application to be processed. If your application is approved it will be stamped as received and you will be sent a copy. If the exemption is for curbside garbage collection your copy will also be stamped with the date that your exemption will expire.

Apply online for a curbside collection exemption. (Garbage/Recycling)

Curbside Exemption Form (Print)

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