Lewisville Zoning Board of Adjustment


Due to COVID19, the zoning board members have amended the Rules of Procedures and the petitioner for a consent renewal is no longer required to attend the Zoning Board of Adjustment meeting. However, if there is opposition at the meeting when your case is heard, the case will be continued to the next meeting and you or a representative for the case will be required to attend to next scheduled meeting.

Zoning Boards of Adjustment 2022 Calendar (PDF)

Zoning Boards of Adjustment 2023 Calendar (PDF)

Meeting Agendas and Board Actions

Annotated Agendas with Board actions are not available on our website. You may check for any Board actions on the the Town of Lewisville web site or call (336) 945-5558.

Most recent Lewisville Zoning Board of Adjustment meeting agenda (PDF)

Meeting agendas 2017-present

This Board only meets when they have agenda items, and does not meet every month.