In an effort to both preserve existing and promote new homeownership opportunities, the division works with multiple internal and external partners to offer a variety of homeownership resources to the community.

Housing Development & Rehabilitation 

Through new construction or rehabilitating existing properties, the City partners with non-profit and for-profit developers (including Community Housing Development Organizations (CHDO) and Community Development Corporations (CDC)) to create robust opportunities for homeownership.

The financial assistance must meet the criteria of the funding source (generally HOME Investment Partnership, but can also be other sources as they become available) including but not limited to:

  • Home owner or buyer must not exceed income limits for funding utilized (for HOME or CDBG funds, the income limit is 80% of the area median income)
  • Deed restrictions to preserve affordability will be required (terms to be determined based on project)
  • The home must serve as the owner / buyers principal residence
  • Subsidy and value limits apply 

80% AMI 2019

Developers and organizations looking to partner with the City are encouraged to reach out to us via the contact form below and a member of our Housing & Community Services team will be in contact with you.

Homebuyer Counseling & Down Payment Assistance

The city proudly pairs with the Center for Homeownership (link to their site: http://centerforhomeownership.org/) to provide homebuyer counseling services to our citizens.

Additionally, the City’s Lending Division offers a down payment assistance program for first time homebuyers looking to purchase their first home.