Rental Housing

Creating and preserving safe, decent and affordable rental housing is a high priority for the City, and this is accomplished by working with qualified non-profit and community developers, landlords and community service agencies who share our vision in providing quality housing to every citizen. We accomplish this through the following activities:

  • Development of rental housing
  • Rehabilitation of existing rental housing
  • Providing Tenant Based Rental Assistance (TBRA)
  • Educating tenants and landlords about fair housing laws and practices

In order to create and preserve affordable rental housing, the City provides low interest loans to developers and landlords looking to build or rehabilitate rental properties throughout the City. The financial assistance must meet the criteria of the funding source (generally HOME Investment Partnership, but can be other sources as they become available):

  • Serve persons at or below a certain income limit (limit based on source of funds and specifics of the project)
  • Funds are structured as gap financing in the form of a low interest loan (terms based on project underwriting)
  • A period of affordability is preserved via a deed restriction (period of time based on amount of assistance and project underwriting)
  • Rental rate limitations (on some or all of the units, based on financing and underwriting)

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Developers and organizations looking to partner with the City are encouraged to reach out to us via the contact form below and a member of our Housing & Community Services team will be in contact with you.

Other Rental Initiatives

In addition to rental unit production and rehabilitation, the City funds a tenant based rental assistance (TBRA) program that offers housing vouchers to place people into housing that otherwise would not have the resources to pay for rent.

For additional information on this program, please contact the Housing Authority of Winston-Salem at 336-727-8500 or via email.