February 2020 Planning Board Items

February 13, 2020, Planning Board Public Meeting

Public Hearing - Zoning Petitions

F-1589 (cont’d from 1/9)
Paul Ivy (The Center Grove Subdivision) for property owned by Same
South side of Center Grove Church Road, west of Lasater Road
AG to RS20-S; 40.53 acres
W-3428 (cont’d from 1/9)NDTCO Trustee FBO Marcus McKoy IRA, McKoy Marcus for property owned by Same
East side of Stockton Street, south of East Lemly Street (Southeast Ward)
RS9 to NB-L; 0.17 acres

W-3430 (cont’d from 1/9)
Eberlee Farms, LLC; Bill Ebert; and Janet Ebert (Ardmore Commons) for property owned by Same
Northeast corner of Ebert Street and Silas Creek Parkway (Southwest Ward)
RS9 to RM12-S; 8.22 acres

Pasquale Looz for property owned by Same
Southeast corner of Bethania-Rural Hall Road and Angus Street
RS9 to LB-S; 0.96 acres

Stuart Wayne Parrish, George Winfield Parrish, and the Andrew Quentin Parrish Special Needs Trust for property owned by Same
West side of Coldwater Road, north of Reidsville Road
AG to RS40-S; 66.39 acres

UDO-CC1An ordinance amendment proposed by Planning and Development Services staff to modify the Use Conditions for Planned Residential Developments.

Walkertown Zoning and Related Matters

For information related to Walkertown Planning matters, please contact Gary Roberts at 336-747-7069.

Case NumberPetitioner/OwnerLocationZoning ChangePlanning Board Recommends
David Heath for property owned by SameSoutheast corner of Morris Street and Payton Lane
RS20 to LB-S and SIDA; 2.02 acres