Hanes Park Improvements

Current State of Park

This project would provide for the immediate need for an additional restroom/storage facility at Hanes Park, resurfacing of the track, and the development and implementation of a master plan for the park. Hanes Park is a highly-utilized park and is need of an additional building to provide public restroom access and on-site storage for equipment. The current restrooms at the Joe White Tennis Center are not open and available to the public when the tennis center is closed. The proposed restroom and storage building would be situated near the existing sand volleyball court.

The track was last resurfaced in 2006 and is showing significant signs of wear. The proposed project involves resurfacing the track with rubber granules and a polyurethane layer to create an impermeable, shock-absorbing top layer. This type of surface will not deteriorate due to flooding that occurs in the park. Project costs would be split with Winston-Salem Forsyth County Schools, and the City contribution would be $95,000.

Master Plan

The master plan for the park would be created in-house by the City's Planning and Development Services Department with input from the Recreation and Parks Department. A master plan was created for Hanes Park in 1991, and City Staff would use that previous plan as a starting point for a new, updated master plan. City staff would solicit input from the community as part of the process and would adhere to all historic resource commission requirements.