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Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Utilities is proud to announce WaterSavvy, a technology program supporting our continual efforts to provide you with the best customer service while modernizing our utility infrastructure. As part of this advanced metering program, we are partnering with our contractor Sensus and began customer meter upgrades in Fall 2020. 

These new meters will wirelessly deliver water usage information and important service alerts directly to WSFC Utilities, reducing the need for utility staff to visit customer premises for routine meter reading activities. 

The new meter functions will also supplement the MyWaterSavvy online customer portal, anticipated to launch in 2023. At that time, customers will have access to water usage, leak alerts and other event notifications to manage their water wisely via the portal. These technology improvements will come at no direct cost to customers. WSFC Utilities plans to upgrade all 130,000 residential and commercial meters and introduce the MyWaterSavvy customer portal over the next three years.

How does advanced metering work?

From installation to operations, advanced metering is a valuable but simple process. It includes the following steps:

Meter Upgrade – Each WSFC Utilities customer will receive a new meter.

Communications Network – The new meters use a securely encrypted network to communicate water usage information to the utility.

WSFC Utilities Department – The utility department automatically receives meter readings for billing and important alerts, which allows us to respond faster to service disruptions and customer inquiries.

Customer Access – When the MyWaterSavvy portal launches, customers will be able to view and monitor their daily water usage and thereby make more informed decisions. Additionally, they will have increased access to important notifications and alerts from WSFC Utilities.

What are the customer benefits? 

WaterSavvy will include several benefits for WSFC Utilities customers:

Convenience  In the future, customers will be able to access their usage information, pay their bill and receive other important alerts via the MyWaterSavvy portal. Once the system is upgraded, usage will be in gallons, rather than cubic feet.

Privacy WSFC Utilities staff will no longer need to visit customer homes or businesses for routine meter reading activities.

Accuracy  Replacing aging infrastructure with up-to-date technology is a part of our responsibility to serve our customers. The increased accuracy of these new meters and timely communication of usage information will lead to more efficient billing and operational processes.

Speed  WSFC Utilities will address customer concerns more quickly due to the advanced metering system providing real-time leak notifications and other service alerts. When the billing system is upgraded, it will cover a one-month, rather than two-month cycle.

What can I expect from the meter upgrade process?

Customers will receive letter notification for their upcoming meter audit and upgrade prior to the meter technician visit.
View sample letter (PDF)

There is no need to be present or schedule an appointment for a meter upgrade. Customers can expect the following:

First Visit Concord Utility Services, a Sensus subcontractor, will perform a meter audit to ensure that all meters are accessible prior to the upgrade.

Second Visit  On the day of your meter upgrade, an authorized representative from Concord will knock on the premises door to notify customers prior to beginning work.

During the meter upgrade, you may experience a brief interruption of water service for approximately 30 minutes.

The meter technician will leave behind a door hanger indicating if your meter was upgraded. If the meter technician was unable to complete the upgrade, the door hanger will list the reason and a number to contact to reschedule.
View sample door hanger (PDF)

Contractor Identification 
For both visits, meter technicians will have a Concord vehicle, uniform and photo identification. They will NOT request payment, personal information or access to customer residences. If you have any immediate concerns, dial 911 or contact City Link at 336-727-8000.