Alternative Residential Mediation (ARM)

The City's Alternative Residential Mediation program offers tenants and landlords an alternative option, as sanctioned by Forsyth County District Court, for settling disputes before they go to court.

How It Works

The mediation program provides a simple mechanism to settle disputes that arise under the North Carolina Residential Agreement Act. Under an agreement with Chief Judge William Reingold of Forsyth County District Court, the court will refer landlord/tenant cases to the Human Relations/DEI Department that it believes are ripe for mediation. Participation is voluntary, and the parties in the case retain the ability to go to court if mediation does not resolve the dispute. There is no cost.

The mediation program is loosely modeled after a similar program developed in Charlotte; however, in North Carolina, this is the first formal partnership between a city government and the district court for a landlord/tenant residential mediation program. The program was two and a half years in the making and is the result of a collaboration between Human Relations, Forsyth County District Court, the Legal Aid Society of Northwest North Carolina and the City Attorney.

Additional Information

For more information about the Alternative Residential Mediation program, call the Human Relations/DEI Department at 336-734-1227.