Artistic Bus Shelter Program

The Artistic Bus Shelter Program is a project organized by the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Public Art Commission (PAC). The PAC works to cultivate innovative, dynamic, and engaging public art that will illuminate the perspectives, relationships, and narratives of our community. Recognizing the need to improve the experience of our transit system, the Commission is displaying the work of 12 Winston-Salem artists in order to contribute to the interest and aesthetic appeal of City bus shelters and transit riders' experiences.

BusShelterArtists Map


Rucker Layout

1. Leo Rucker

OurColorVibesRucker, Leo

University Parkway at DoubleTree

OurColorVibes is a concept of colors and shapes that represent the diversity of our community as a city of the arts along with historical landmarks that attract visitors from around the world who come to enjoy our cultural beauty.


Leo Rucker is a Winston-Salem artist known for his portrait painting. Mentored by artists Richard Hedgecock and Paul Roseboro, he pursued an artistic career in the 1990s, creating drawings and paintings for the Forsyth County Partnership (Smart Start), then Sophisticate’s Black Hair Magazine, where he created portraits for a column called “Role Models Beyond Beauty” for 18 years. The magazine displayed more than 200 of his portraits of accomplished ethnic women from around the world. Rucker’s work can also be seen at the Clark Campbell Transportation Center, where he brought history to life, painting the downtown transit hub’s outdoor columns with portraits of the 22 African-American founders of the Safe Bus Company. See more of Rucker’s work at, @leorucker on Instagram, and

Wilson - layout

2. Mike WilsonWilson, Mike

“Big House” and Earl “The Pearl”

University Parkway at Coliseum

The influence of sport on social change can be dramatic. The magic of the 1967 Winston-Salem Rams helped dissolve racial divisions during a complicated and tense time in our city's history. For the first time, Black and white fans sat together in a packed Winston-Salem Coliseum cheering for Earl "The Pearl" Monroe, his Winston-Salem State teammates, and his Hall of Fame coach "Big House" Gaines. 

Wilson is a Winston-Salem native whose family owned the local sporting goods business, Bocock-Stroud Co. He enjoys drawing caricatures, pet portraits, and "old School" pen and ink athletic portraits. 

Pankey - layout

3. Phebe PankeyPankey, Phebe

The Tre Crowned

North Cleveland Ave at 25th Street

This artwork consists of three people who have contributed positively to the community: Joe Watson, the Peanut Man, former Mayor Pro Tempore, Vivian Burke; and, Tony Jordan of Tony's Italian Ice. Many people have stories about these three and can share how they have impacted their lives. This picture is a thank you to these figures. 

Pankey studied Art at Winston Salem State University and obtained her bachelor's degree in 2019. She has participated in numerous conservation and curatorial internships which include: Duke, Fisk, Yale, and Princeton Universities, Winterthur Delaware Estate, and the Georgia O'Keefe Museum. She is an illustrator and sells prints of her artwork. Find her work on Instagram @Lifeofphebs and Etsy at PhebesOriginals.

Mcmillan - layout

4. Shelly McMillan

Farmers Market Fruits and Veggies

North Patterson Ave at Northside Shopping CenterMcMillan, Shelly

The farmers market is one of my favorite places to spend time and money. It's fresh, bright, cheerful and full of hope. I hope you receive a blessing from this painting and your day is a little brighter by just seeing it!

Shelly McMillan has been painting in acrylics for over 20 years. She has painted all over the Southeast in private residences as well as commercial spaces and public art. Her work includes murals, portraiture, landscapes, graphic work, and illustration. She uses bright colors and fresh subjects in her paintings to convey her love of life, nature, and people.

Gourley - layout

5. Hosanna Gourley

Women of Winston-SalemGourley, Hosanna

Martin Luther King Jr. Drive at WSSU

Women of Winston-Salem is designed to honor just a few of the women of Winston-Salem who have contributed to our community and made history. Styled after 1950s vintage comics, the piece is meant to portray these pioneers as the superheroes they are while demonstrating how our history continues to impact our city today. To see more stories of amazing women of Winston-Salem or share one of your female hero's stories, check out @womenofwinstonsalem on Instagram!

Hosanna Gourley attended UNCSA and currently resides in Winston-Salem. Her favorite thing about our city is how the community incorporates art into everyday life. Graduating with a BFA with a concentration in Animation, Hosanna's passion is creative and purposeful storytelling through beautiful visuals. Currently freelancing, Hosanna specializes in digital illustration, stop-motion, 2D animation, and graphic design. See more work online at or on Instagram @hosannamations.

Coppola - layout

6. Terri Coppola

Maya Angelou: Rainbow in the CloudsCoppola, Terri

New Walkertown Road at Salvation Army

Terri Coppola sketched her illustration before COVID-19 had us physically distancing, but believes Maya Angelou's words are truer than ever. We still have the ability to be the rainbow to those in our community through our acts of kindness and support of each other. 

Coppola is a former graphic artist who now works with her husband and four children at Coppola's Pizzeria in Winston-Salem. In her free time, she also enjoys working on independent art projects and loves to encourage children to use their creativity to express themselves.

Gustavo - layout

7. Carlos A. GustavoGustavo, Carlos

Oyster Mushroom, (Pleurotus Ostreatus)

Tobacco Plant, (Nicotiana Solanceae)

Reynolds Park Road at SouthEast Plaza

Carlos Gustavo chose the image of the tobacco plan (Nicotiana Solanaceae) for its intrinsic beauty as a native species and its historic connection to Winston-Salem, for outer windows, he chose another organic form from nature, the oyster mushroom (Pleurotus Ostreatus), which is also native to this region and prolific within all of the environments of North Carolina. He paired them in this form to illustrate a kaleidoscopic and spiraling effect. 

Gustavo made his first photograph as a Corporal in the United States Marine Corps. He attended Boston University and the international Center for Photography (ICP) in New York City, where he received a BFA in Photography. He has lived in Winston-Salem since 2001.

Summers - layout

8. Phillip Summers

Marching for MobilitySummers, Phillip

Martin Luther King Jr. Drive at Waughtown Street

To improve the bus system in Winston-Salem is to 'march with a drum major' like Dr. King towards social justice. When we improve bus service, we bring passengers more social and economic mobility, more freedom, and more peace. Positive experiences - yes, simply waiting at the bus stop - helps us have strong, righteous relationships with our neighbors and environment. Marching for Mobility captures that spirit: improve transit to improve out community.

Phillip Summers and his family moved to Waughtown in 2010 to learn about and live the value of racial reconciliation. He is interested in community development as it relates to public health and economic mobility. He advocates for active transportation and works to translate research into practice. He blogs at

Daniels layout

9. Owens O. DanielsDaniels, Owens

Catching the A Train

Peters Creek Parkway at Goodwill

This artwork is part of a larger body of work, "Shooting With My Feet NYC." I was visiting some relatives and wanted to share my experience of being a photographer in New York by photographing everyday events. One such experience was catching the subway and the people who used it as a lifeline to get back and forth in the city. 

Z. Smith Reynolds Lead Artist for the Presence Abscence Project and 2019 Duke Energy Grand awardee Owens Daniels is a visual artist/photographer, educator, and the face behind ODP Art+Design; bold, creative, and innovative artwork that builds bridges, promotes cultural exchanges, and artistic endeavors between organizations, institutions, and the diverse communities they serve.

Matejka - layout

10. Meagan E. MatejkaMatejka, Meagan

Enchanted Forest

Salem Crest Lane

Just on the outskirts of town lies the Enchanted Forest, which is home to a friendly witch who lives in her pumpkin house. Be on the lookout for her around Halloween, because she likes to decorate her home and give treats to all the boys and girls who come to visit her wearing costumes. 

Meagan Matejka was born and raised in Winston-Salem. She absolutely loves drawing anime characters as well as painting landscape scenery such as you see here. Matejka says, "I hope everyone that sees this artwork can enjoy it. Who knows, maybe you'll be able to feel right at home and fit right in!"

CDS - layoutCommunity Design Studio

11. Community Design Studio (Facilitators Elise Barrella and Lauren Frye, Graphic Design by Katrina Hughes)

Please Add Color/Agregue Color

Country Club Road at Jonestown Road

Spring and summer of 2020 have challenged us to explore new ways to engage our diverse community in placemaking. Our installation is as much about the process of creating public art as it is about the resulting artwork for the bus shelter. Intended as an experiment in socially-distanced enagement, this installation was collaboratibely designed by patrons and passersby of Bus Stop #47615. Community Design Studio (CDS) provided a blank canvas with an invitation for anyone to make their mark, and this is the result. 

CDS is a not-for-profit collective of multidisciplinary designers founded in 2011 to deploy design thinking as an inclusive problem-solving approach that can be brought to bear on local challenges. Learn more about our mission and collaborations at or by following @cds_ws on Instagram or Facebook.

Corona - layout

12. Carolina Corona

Nature's Home

Reynolda Road opposite Oldtown DriveCorona, Carolina

Nature's Home is an environmental statement highlighting some of the natural treasures of the state of North Carolina. Today the natural world is threatened by pollution, indifference, and destructive policies. I am an active member of multiple environmental organizations that are fighting against these forces in hopes of preserving the natural world for us and future generations. The natural elements included in my piece are representative of some of North Carolina's resources. It will help remind people of how beautiful nature is while at the same time bringing awareness to a world worth preserving.

Carolina Corona is a fine art painter living in Winston-Salem. She started her art career as an art instructor in the public school system. She is a young art entrepreneur who exhibits in galleries across the state and participates in seasonal art shows/festivals. She is constantly inspired by nature and her work reflects the beauty of her surroundings. Find her art at or on Instagram or Facebook @coronafineart