Concrete Base Streets Rehabilitation

Multiple streets throughout the city were constructed of concrete. Often, the curb and gutter was poured with the street as one contiguous unit and is not a standard height or width. The concrete base has exceeded its life expectancy. Asphalt has been applied on top of some streets in a thin layer so that a minimal gutter will remain in place to carry stormwater. Due to the thin application of asphalt, the material has deteriorated, is breaking, and popping off in a relatively short time frame. The asphalt has to be milled prior to a new layer being placed on the roadway. The streets that fall into this category are:

  • Cantebury Trail
  • Fairfax Drive
  • Pine Valley Road
  • Windsor Road

Staff has consulted with a contractor about rehabilitating these streets. This project would provide a one-time fix for a minimum of 15 to 20 years. Rehabilitation will occur at the following locations:

  • Canterbury Trail, from Windsor Road to Plymouth Avenue
  • Fairfax Drive, from Canterbury Trail to Windsor Road
  • Fairfax Drive, from Plymouth Avenue to Canterbury Trail
  • N Pine Valley Road, from Club Park Road to Wellington Road
  • N Pine Valley Road, from Country Club Road to Reynolds Drive
  • N Pine Valley Road, from Reynolds Drive to Club Park Road
  • S Pine Valley Road, from Country Club Road to N Bitting Road
  • S Pine Valley Road, from N Bitting Road to Windsor Road
  • Windsor Road N, from Pine Valley Road to Canterbury Trail
  • Windsor Road N, from Westview Drive to N Pine Valley Road
  • Windsor Road, from Canterbury Trail to Fairfax Drive