The Lending Division provides financial assistance to homeowners or investor-investor owners who are in need of home repairs and also provides funding for first time homebuyers in need of down payment assistance.  

Loan assistance is provided for the following:

  • Home rehabilitation 
  • Rehabilitation with the purpose of transforming urban residential neighborhoods (only in designated TURN neighborhoods)
  • Emergency repairs to address health and safety issues
  • Architectural barrier removal for the handicapped
  • Hazard reduction (lead abatement)
  • First-time homebuyer down payment assistance 

Participants must:

  1. Own their home
  2. Be low- to moderate-income (owner-occupants or tenants of investor-owned properties)

200 AMI

  1. Live in a qualifying target area/neighborhood (for certain programs)
  2. Be credit-worthy
  3. Remain in the home (owner-occupant) or keep property (investor-owner) for a minimum number of years