Medal of Valor 2019



Sergeant C. S. Sloan, Corporal M.C. Holmes, Officer A. N. Norman and Officer C. J. Faw

Officers were dispatched on a report of a Shooting and an Active Shooter. It was reported that one victim had been shot, and the suspect was in the possession of multiple firearms, waiting on police to arrive.

Sergeant C. S. Sloan, Corporal M. C. Holmes, Officer A. N. Norman, and Officer C. J. Faw, responded and encountered the suspect. Sergeant C. S. Sloan, seeing that the suspect was armed and placing himself directly in harm’s way, selflessly directed Officer A. N. Norman and Corporal M. C. Holmes behind cover and attempted verbal contact with the suspect. At that very moment the suspect began firing at the officers. Sergeant C. S. Sloan returned fire and was struck in the right leg. He was able to stay in the confrontation and pull himself behind another position of cover, while returning fire and protecting his officers. Seeing that Sergeant Sloan had been struck, Corporal M. C. Holmes and Officer A. E. Norman moved from their position of cover, placing themselves in imminent personal risk, to return fire and protect Sergeant C. S. Sloan. As this was transpiring, Officer C. J. Faw quickly approached the scene and also placed himself in harm’s way in order to return fire.

The immediate action, bravery and selflessness of these officers prevented any further loss of life or serious injury in this unfortunate incident. These officers knew the risk involved and performed in a manner that far exceeded departmental standards. Based on the above facts, Sergeant C.S. Sloan, Corporal M. C. Holmes, Officer A. N. Norman and Officer C. J. Faw are awarded the Medal of Valor.