Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP)

The Winston-Salem Urban Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (WSUAMPO)CTP_MTP_Update is the federally designated agency responsible for working collaboratively with residents and local, state, and federal agencies on transportation planning and project development efforts within the Winston-Salem urbanized area. WSUAMPO was classified as a Transportation Management Area (TMA) by the 2010 Census, an urbanized area with a population of over 200,000.

2045 Metropolitan Transportation Plan

One of WSUAMPO's most important responsibilities is developing and implementing a Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) for the planning area. The MTP outlines the WUSAMPO's transportation-related goals and objectives and addresses transportation-related issues and impacts over a 25-year horizon.

This fiscally-constrained, multi-modal transportation plan is updated every five years to adapt to population growth and land use patterns shifts, policy changes, new federal and state legislation and guidance, and other changes affecting the region. WSUAMPO adopted its last MTP, the 2040 Metropolitan Transportation Plan in 2015.

Making Connections 2045 is the MTP being developed by the WSUAMPO as an update to the 2040 plan adopted in 2015. It will be a long range, fiscally-constrained plan that outlines the multimodal transportation improvements that will address the existing and projected transportation needs in and around the MPO planning area. Making Connections 2045 will be based on the most up-to-date information available on population and economic growth and will address changes in land use and transportation trends within the Winston-Salem urbanized areas since 2015.

Schedule and Adoption

The Making Connections 2045 plan was completed in September 2020 and adopted by the Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC) on September 17, 2020.  



Existing Conditions Report
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Draft 2045 MTP (including amendments)
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Appendix A:  Acronyms
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Appendix B:  Public and Stakeholder Outreach
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Appendix C:  Financial Plan
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Appendix D:  Congestion Management Process
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Appendix E:  Environmental Justice
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Appendix F:  Travel Demand Model Outputs
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Appendix G:  Prior Plan Summary
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Amendment (7/15/2021):  Pubic Transit Safety Targets
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Past Plans

2040 Metropolitan Transportation Plan