Comprehensive Transportation Plan

2045 Comprehensive Transportation Plan

The Comprehensive Transportation Plan or CTP is a long range plan, that was developed and is continually updated through a collaborative process among citizens and WSUAMPO staff, town and city officials to envision future transportation needs.  It contains big ideas for what is possible and is multimodal and comprehensive. The CTP outlines future improvements for the entire transportation network, from roadways and transit to bicycle and pedestrian
accCTP_MTP_Updateommodations.  It provides the foundation for what will become the transportation priorities over the next 25+ years.

The Winston-Salem Urban Area MPO underwent updating the CTP to new state standard during the process of updating the 2045 Metropolitan Transportation Plan.  The CTP Update was adopted by the Winston-Salem Urban Area Metropolitan Planning Organizations Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC) on  January 21, 2021.  


Summary and Project Descriptions11.1 MB / 12 p / pdf
Draft Highway Facilities Type Map12.2 MB / 12 p / pdf
Draft Highways Recommendations Map11.1 MB / 12 p / pdf
Draft Bicycle Recommendations Map11.1 MB / 12 p / pdf
Draft Pedestrian Recommendations Map10.7 MB / 12 p / pdf
Draft Public Transportation and Rail Recommendations Map10 MB / 12 p / pdf
Draft Environmental Features Map1.2 MB / 1 p / pdf
17MB / 109p / pdf

Past Plans

2012 Comprehensive Transportation Plan